Sunday, August 16, 2009

Year Six In the Books

Here's a quick list of everything that's happened in this year of our marriage:

- Claire Kate was born
- Began working with e3 Partners
- Quit working at Concord
- Trey turned two
- Mr. Mugsy went to doggy heaven

These are some pretty major life altering events! Having babies, massive career changes, gains and losses. Walking through these things with Holly was a God-given blessing. No other woman would put up with me. No other woman would be so giving or understanding. No other hand would fit so perfectly in mine down this road of life. She's a terrific mother, and even better wife. My ministry would be impossible without her participation and support. Few wives would be real excited about her husband quitting a stable job with benefits to raise support and work in the most dangerous and volatile region on the planet. Mine encouraged me along the path to follow God regardless of where it lead, and consistently lifts me up on the days I want to throw in the towel. I'm grateful that when things are spinning out of control she's spinning with me. God has taught us a lot about faith and the failure of self-reliance. He's also showing us the magnitude of His Faithfulness, Protection, and Love.

Holly, you're more than I could have ever dreamed up. You inspire me to continue my pursuit of our Savior all the while forgetting my shortcomings. You amaze me with your strength, and support. I appreciate all that you do. I can't imagine a better mom, friend, helper, or lover. I'm yours! Here's to the next year and all that it might bring. I stand unafraid to face what comes knowing our Leader never fails, and our bond never falters. Baby, I love you!
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